Environmental policy

At Natural Tree Surgeons we recognise the importance of environmental sustainability. We are committed to carrying out our work responsibly and in compliance with all legal environmental requirements whilst minimising our carbon footprint. All of our tree waste is recycled. The branches and cord wood are chipped into re-usable bio mass mulch & all our wood is processed whenever possible.

All machinery is purchased with environmental protection in mind, and is kept regularly serviced and maintained to ensure optimum efficiency. We are always conscious to minimise the run-time of our machinery and safeguard against pollution of all kinds. Bio chain oil is used in all our chainsaws.

Pesticides are used in accordance with the Pesticides Regulations 1986 part III of the food and Environment Protection Act 1985. Nesting birds and their eggs are protected by law under The Wildlife and Countryside Act 1981 and the Countryside Right of Way Act 2000. Many other species of animals are also protected i.e Bats and Badgers. In the event of protected species or roosts being discovered during operations, we will stop work immediately and inform the relevant authorities for further advice. We are trained in recognising potential bat roosts and undertake a habitat disturbance assessment before work commences.